reflections stained glass side window

About Reflections Stained Glass

Chuck VANDER HEYDEN immigrated from the Netherlands with his family in 1954 and is a product of Dutch and Belgian painters.

Stained glass began as a hobby and stress releaser during his 30 years as a police officer in Toronto and upon retirement became a second career.

Chuck has over 25 years of experience and his work has found homes coast to coast across Canada and ranges from full door panels to intricate three-dimensional table ornaments.

In 1993 he developed a unique form of indoor/outdoor tables composed of custom stained glass designs applied to indestructible concrete stones which can be inserted into wrought-iron or wooden table frames. These became instant hits as wedding presents when  sand-blasted text, such as the bride and grooms names, were inserted directly into the glass designs. This soon expanded into durable and unique street signs engraved with names, addresses and even business logos.

Despite numerous requests from regional craft fairs, REFLECTIONS STAINED GLASS only attends two shows – the renowned Spring and Fall Craft Shows at the Buckhorn Community Center.

Reflections Stained Glass Studio is located amid the beautiful forest of Harvey Lakeland Estates on the edge of the Village of Buckhorn